Everything Hippo - Frequently Asked Question

Where do you get your products?

Everything Hippo works with several suppliers, most of whom are “Direct To Garment” (DTG) printers. When you add an item to your cart and complete checkout, your order is sent to one or more of our suppliers. They then manufacture your item with your selected image, color, and size and ship the finished product directly to you. (Drop shipping)

Why don’t you just keep your items in stock like a brick and mortar store?

Our store contains over 2200 individual items and new products are added regularly. Stocking all these items, then storing them in warehouses waiting for someone to purchase an item, would increase costs dramatically. Direct To Garment and Drop Shipping are leading edge product delivery methods made possible by evolving technology. They help keep costs down for merchants like us and that helps us keep costs down for you!

What does “Get Your Hippo On” Mean?

The Community Of Hippo’s share a bond. "Get Your Hippo On" reflects our connection to the little community of Hutto TX who proudly claims the Hippo as its mascot; to the people who visit Hutto TX for shopping, sports and entertainment; and to Hippo’s all across the world who love and identify with the Hippo.

"Getting Your Hippo On" means showing your uniqueness, your pride, and celebrating your Hippo connection. Wearing our gear is one of the best ways to do that!

Are your products made in Hutto Tx?

No. Some products may be, not the majority are not. We often use the phrase “Made In Hutto TX” on our products. It’s not the product that is made in Hutto, it is the "Get Your Hippo On" pride and attitude that is created and nurtured by the ever growing Community Of Hippos. It’s that attitude and pride that we proudly share on our products.

How long will it take to get my product?

After you place your order, the manufacturer will usually take 3-7 days to create your item and ship it out. For shipping delivery times and shipping costs refer to our Shipping Times & Prices guide. 

In the US  (excluding HI and AK) it typically takes 2-3 days for the item to be delivered. In normal cases, your item will arrive in 5 – 10 days. However, delays may occur around busy holidays, or due to weather emergencies. Once the item ships, you can get delivery status either on our site of via the tracking link in your email. Unfortunately, we do not have an automated way for you to get status on the item while it is still in the manufacturing process. Please ask us for manufacturing status via our contact form, with an email, or using the chat bot on the site and we will get you an update.

We also offer Express Delivery items. These are select products that we keep in stock and can be shipped out within a day with either next day or two-day delivery. If you must Get Your Hippo On right away, consider ordering one of these products!

Can I return my purchases if they don’t fit or I just don’t like them?

Yes! Please refer to our Return Policy for details.

Can I modify or cancel my order?

Generally it is not possible to modify the colors, sizes or quantities of items in your order. But we may be able to cancel your order if you inform us right away. Once the manufacturer has sent the order for production, it cannot be cancelled.

It is possible to modify the shipping address prior to the item shipping out.

Please let us know right away if you have made a mistake and want to cancel your order or adjust the shipping address. Contact us using the contact form, or the chat tool on our website, or via email at info@everythinghippo.com, or by calling 512-887-8017 x 701.

Can you help me get an item in a different size or a different color than you offer in your store?

Possibly. With certain products we have a lot more flexibility to offer you a custom color or a different size. Other products not so much. So please just ask us. The preferred method of engaging us is to use the chat window at the bottom right corner. or if you perfer you can hit the contact form, or email us at info@everythinghippo.com