Love Hutto 2020 - Pray, Care, Be Kind, Stay Safe, Love Hutto

Welcome to Love Hutto 2020, a community-based campaign to care for and support the most vulnerable during the Covid-19 crisis. Hutto has always been a caring and supportive community. Show that compassion daily during this challenging time 

Everything Hippo and other community partners have teamed up to provide free meals to Hutto residents who are in need.

Pray.   Earnestly.   Whatever your faith, prayer is always the right answer. Pray for our leaders, first responders and medical professionals, our community, your friends and family, and for those who are ill.

Once you have prayed, buy the Love Hutto 2020 shirt for $10. Your purchase of this shirt enables a $5 donation to Helping Hands for Hutto, or the Hutto Resource Center, or other local non-profits. That money pays for a meal for a Hutto resident! Delivery and Taxes are included in your $10 purchase.

Click Here To Buy The Shirt

Post pics in the shirt to your favorite social media with the tag #lovehutto2020. Challenge your friends to do the same. 

Purchasing, printing, packaging, paying taxes on, and delivering this shirt costs a little over $10 (slightly more for larger sizes). The shirt is sold for $10 (slightly more for larger sizes). Then $5 is donated. This leaves a $5+ shortfall on each shirt. The shortfall is covered by Everything Hippo, our provider and printer, our creative firm, and Hutto businesses who are helping despite being in financial distress themselves.

Please note that neither Everything Hippo or any of our partners makes ANY money on this shirt! In fact we lose $5 - $6 on each shirt sold. 

Love Hutto Shirt

SHIRTS SOLD: 3̶,̶ ̶5̶1̶,̶ ̶6̶0̶,̶  91

Shirts are being delivered and shipped starting in the morning. Many of you will have them by end of day tomorrow! 

91 shirts sold in only 1 day! .. I am so amazed by all of you!

Keep it up! Lets get to $2500 in donations! 

** donations will be delivered weekly on Monday **

Message us with questions or comments at ,on our facebook page, or via text at 5 one 2, 8 one 7, 80 one 7